More Natural Cures for Insomnia — Do Homeopathic Remedies for Insomnia Work?

No list of natural cures for insomnia is complete without homeopathy. Perhaps I am a bit biased, as I have personally taken and benefited from these natural sleep remedies and occasionally I still do.

Homeopathy is a controversial topic, as no one can point to any scientific evidence that proves it could work. Skeptics have insisted that it doesn’t work at all except as a placebo effect. Some claim that homeopathic treatments are nothing but a scam.

While I tend towards skeptic myself in most areas, I do admit that I have taken homeopathic remedies for a variety of ailments and have experienced almost miraculous relief from them — on occasion. Sometimes, I fully admit, they don’t seem to work at all.

Whether this is the placebo effect or not, I couldn’t say, but I tend to doubt it. There is something going on that can’t be entirely dismissed or ignored, in my opinion. If you feel strongly opposed or skeptical to the whole idea, you can dismiss this article, but I feel compelled to write it anyway.

Natural Cures for Insomnia — With No Side Effects?

If you are looking for all natural cures for insomnia that have no risk of side effects, homeopathic remedies are worth trying. They can be a viable alternative to prescription drugs on a temporary basis.

It is possible to get a quick result when you take a homeopathic remedy for the first time. I recall an almost instant response to my first homeopathic remedy ever — it was Ignatia in a 30X dose. It was not for insomnia at that time. I was suffering from a combination of anxiety and depression along with a feeling of tiredness. In addition, I had awaken in the morning with a nagging pain along the side of my head.

Someone offered me a remedy and after taking it, I felt immediately better — not only emotionally but physically — the pain vanished, I got more energy, felt more calm and my depression lifted. It was temporary, of course, but wonderful.

That experience started a long, often rewarding but also frustrating period of experimentation with homeopathy as I looked for natural cures for insomnia, for pain, for anxiety and depression, digestive complaints and for numerous other health issues.

Natural Cures for Insomnia — An Experiment

As homeopathic remedies for insomnia have no side effects, there is really no risk in trying them out. You can go into any health food store and even some drug stores, pick up a combination remedy for insomnia, follow the instructions and see what happens.

Why No Side Effects?

Homeopathy works (when it does work) by delivering infinitesimal amounts of a substance in tiny sugar pills that are far too small to actually cause a side effect. This is the reason why skeptics, scientists and other rational people can’t believe this stuff can really do anything at all.

How can a substance, which is present in a small sugar pill in an amount that’s nearly too small to detect, get rid of a symptom or even — as some homeopaths claim — cure chronic illness?

I can’t answer that because I don’t know. I have gone through periods where I was certain it was all a scam. But recently one night, I had a terrible stomach ache. The pain came in waves and my usual relaxation exercises that usually take care of such things did not help at all. So I got up and took a remedy for gas and indigestion. Within minutes, I experienced immediate relief — the pain melted away completely, and I quickly fell asleep. Go figure.

Natural Cures for Insomnia — Two Approaches

Before you get too excited about the idea of treating your sleepless nights with no risk of side effects, you should know that there are two approaches to working with natural cures for insomnia such as homeopathy and herbal remedies.

First, there is the approach of treating acute symptoms on an as-needed basis. This is the approach everyone wants and is the basis for the hundreds of natural sleep remedies and prescription drugs for treating insomnia.

Homeopathic remedies for insomnia that you find in the store are in this category. They are meant to be taken on a temporary basis to treat a temporary condition.

mind body treatments for insomniaThe second approach is called Constitutional Treatment. This is the term used by professional homeopaths and naturopathic doctors to describe the process of treating and hopefully curing a chronic condition.

Rather than treat individual symptoms, they consider the “constitution” of the patient in an effort to raise their general health and well being to a much higher level. This would not only eliminate current symptoms, but make the person feel and function much better physically, emotionally and energetically.

The concept of constitutional treatment is unique to the alternative health field, and every discipline has it, including acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), herbal medicine, homeopathy, naturopathic medicine and even chiropractic to some extent. It is the essence and meaning of the term “holistic health.” Treat the whole person, not just the symptoms, and make them healthier on all levels, not just in one small area.

This is something to keep in mind when you go looking for natural cures for insomnia, whether you try homeopathic remedies, herbal remedies or dietary supplements. Most people just want to sleep better. They want to eliminate the symptom of insomnia from their lives. Perfectly understandable.

However, alternative treatment for insomnia has limitations in this regard. Whether it’s the use of homeopathic remedies, herbal remedies for insomnia, acupuncture, massage therapy or whatever, you will run into this problem.

The natural cures will work for a while, sometimes miraculously so. But then they will not work so well. I had this problem treating my insomnia with homeopathic remedies. They worked wonderfully once in a while. Then they would not work at all.

Sometimes you can beat the system now and then, by not taking them for a while and then starting again. You may get instant relief once more, but then it will not work for a while.

If you have occasional sleepless nights, natural cures for insomnia can be fine. But if you have chronic insomnia, you must understand that you can’t depend on quick fixes for consistent results. It is time for constitutional treatment from a well-trained professional.

Of course you can also try the self help for insomnia tutorial offered here.

Natural Cures for Insomnia — A Professional Approach

If you get enough instant relief with homeopathic remedies for insomnia that you are considering constitutional treatment for your chronic insomnia, you must consult a professional homeopath.

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