Disclaimer for Insomnia-Free.com

I am not a health practitioner. I am not a psychologist. I am not licensed to practice therapy in any form.

I am simply a person who has suffered many years of chronic insomnia and was able to get relief through my own adaptation of various methods that I learned through reading books, plus trial-and-error.

This website covers the methods and techniques that I used, and still use, to help myself. I think they are worth putting into a site like this, because I have read some excellent books on both chronic insomnia and cognitive-behavioral therapy, but they were not enough to cure my insomnia.

Through trial and error I was able to devise an approach to my sleep problems that worked for me. After reading two of the most highly recommended insomnia books, which gave insight but no real cure, I went deeper into several aspects of insomnia that they didn’t cover — specifically, sleep anxiety and night-time worrying.

I am putting this approach out mainly as a description of what I used myself. While I sincerely believe in the concept of self-help, there are some risks and responsibilities involved in any self-help program.

Sometimes, insomnia gets worse before it gets better. The road to good sleep is not smooth and easy. Relapses are common and should be expected. Sometimes you really do need medical intervention to help you sleep. It is up to you to understand when it’s time to seek medical or psychological care and attention for your symptoms.

OK, here’s my “official” disclaimer:

None of the information contained in this website should be construed as medical or psychological advice, nor should any of it take the place of professional advice. Please consult a professional health-care provider with any symptom you have that may require medical or therapeutic attention.

Now, as far as my credentials go? I have no credentials. I have no degrees, certificates, licenses, or work experience in the health field. What I have is personal experience and a desire to pass on what I have learned to others. I hope it helps.

Please let me know how it turns out for you!

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