Self Help for Insomnia – How to Cure Insomnia With Do It Yourself Techniques

Real help for insomnia doesn’t come in a magic pill. It comes from recognizing what’s really keeping you awake at night, and applying the right methods and techniques for your own unique situation.

No two insomniacs are exactly alike, but if you pay attention, respect your mind and body, and keep at it, you will find the right ways to cure insomnia–right for you, that is.

Self help for insomnia means changing the thinking habits, sleep habits and possibly lifestyle habits that are keeping you awake at night.

insomniac woman needs to sleepIf you can do this, you will experience a profound improvement in your sleep. But changing your thoughts and habits is something only YOU can do.

Self help for insomnia also means finding the right techniques that allow you to experience the mental and physical comfort and relaxation you need to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Of course health professionals can be a valuable source of guidance and information, but they can’t change you on the inside. Advice can come from a variety of sources, but nothing beats self-reliance!

If you are looking for ways to cure insomnia that really work – a permanent cure is what I’m talking about – then you would do well to look within. This section will show you how to cure insomnia by using the inner resources inside your very own brain and mind.

(DISCLAIMER: As always, nothing I say here should be taken as medical advice. I’m not qualified to give out medical or psychological advice, but I am offering suggestions. It’s up to you to decide if my suggestions make sense to you. Always discuss medical concerns with an appropriate professional.)

So let’s examine what a truly effective self-help program for insomnia might look like.

Step One: Putting aside time to work on your insomnia.

Making a commitment is the first step in any successful program of self help for insomnia. No one is going to call you up and remind you to do this!

The most important component of commitment is TIME. At the very least, try to devote 30 minutes a day to working on overcoming insomnia. You can break this up into two 15-minute segments.

Step Two: Deciding that you can do this…

…and that help for insomnia lies within you. You do not have to feel wonderfully positive and optimistic. My guess is, you’re too tired to feel much enthusiasm for anything. But a quiet feeling of purpose and determination will definitely help. You can keep your expectations neutral while keeping your mind open. That’s really all you need.

Step Three: Keeping at it!

You can only change your habits and thoughts through repetition. Don’t expect change with just one or two tries. You need persistence and repetition to find the cure for insomnia that works for you.

Step Four: Remembering that relapses are to be expected.

If you begin to sleep better, take it as a sign that you’re improving, but don’t get upset when it seems to disappear. That is the nature of insomnia. Real help for insomnia only comes when you let go of the pressure you’re putting on yourself to sleep.

NOTE: This section, along with the Insomnia Tips section, is meant to be a tutorial for getting rid of insomnia. Reading the articles in the order they are presented, and practicing the exercises suggested, will offer you the most help for insomnia.

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